Waiting time at the border with Poland

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       EXIT from Poland ENTRY to Poland
       EXIT from Poland ENTRY to Poland

Estimated waiting time at border crossings is updated 8 times daily, information on the number of cleared vehicles is updated 2 times a day at the end of each shift. More information ...


The new version of eBooking Bus
 The new version of the eBooking Bus application with the possibility of registering children was launched.
Launching the Hotspot and eBooking_BUS customs clearance system in the Customs Branch in Budomierz
From 27.03.2014 the Hotspot for Travelers carrying goods on the TAX FREE documents was launched in the Customs Branch in Budomierz.
Customs Branch in Budomierz also performs customs clearance in eBooking_BUS system.
More frequent update of waiting times
We kindly inform you that from January 31, 2014 the estimated waiting times to cross the border of Poland are updated 8 times a day - every 3 hours.
Opening of the road border crossing Budomierz – Hruszew
Please be informed that on December 2, 2013 designated place in Budomierz began operating. more [PL]

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